Chairman’s Message

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Yaman Group is a company which has been offering service in retailing and tourism industries, maintaining its growth for more than 40 years. Another field in which Yaman Group offers service is construction industry.

We have ensured our family members of the third generation to specialize in the construction field, making our mark in such leading sectors as construction, retailing and tourism since 2005. And today we have become a construction company which is aware of all the new generation technologies and which has a vision. However, we are also aware of the necessity that we have to work harder in order that we achieve big successes in the construction industry.

Since the day that our company was founded, we have been trying to provide the basis of a sustainable educational life for the technicians, engineers, architects and workers that we’ve worked with and we’ve coached. Our company policy is to process our works of good quality rising in number with the information of a better quality, moving our human resources up to the highest level.

We decided to focus on Izmir now, after Kusadasi, Aydin, Soke and Ayvalik where we carried out many of our projects before. In accordance with this purpose of ours, we moved our head office to Izmir. We have made huge progresses carrying out purchase, business plan and sales in digital environment with the special administrator applications that we founded.

We intend to reach much higher targets with our proficiency which is an acquisition of the experience of more than 40 years, our financial resources and opportunities available. We pay our respects and express our gratitudes to our co-founders who are among the leading companies in the construction industry and who have guided us with the trademark values and the ethical principles which have led the way for us in all our works, and our customers who have come along with us on this path.