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Project Details

General features
• At the Position of 2nd Building on Bağdat Street
• In Göztepe Park Region (Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi Sok. Lights)
• Vehicle and Pedestrian Entrance from the Street
• Front Cannot Be Blocked (due to 5-floor zoning on the street)
• Urban Transformation Project has begun, To Be Delivered in August 2016
• Entirely with Islands and Sea View
• 9th and 10th Floors of 12-storey
• Open and Closed Car Park (with Vehicle Sensor)
• Fitness Saloon
• With Parents’ Bathroom or Dressing Room (Optional)

Building Properties
• 2-storey parking garage and Vehicle Elevator
• Building and Water Isolation According to Project Prepared in Accordance with European Thermal Insulation Norms
• General Illumination and Generator for Elevator
• Static and Mechanical Reinforcements complying with the Regulations of Earthquake and Fire
• 2 Elevators

Flat Properties
• Vitra Ceramic Sanitary Ware and Flush Tank Products
• Lineadekor or equivalent Kitchen (Kitchen area will be left blank for buyer preference according to project)
• Schüco Aluminum Thermal Insulation Joinery and Automatic Blinds
• Preference of Parents’ Bathroom or Dressing Room
• Lounges with Şerifoğlu Laminated, Bedrooms with Şerifoğlu Laminated Parquet Floor
• Kitchen White Goods Miele Set and Miele Branded Washing and Drying Machine, Miele Dishwasher
• Hot Water and Floor Heating with Natural Gas Combi Boiler
• Cooling Mini VRV System, Daikin or equivalent (Inner unit of air conditioner is not visible)
• Fire and gas detectors
• First Class Coated Inner Doors (by the preference of buyer)
• Hüppe and Grohe Shower and Cabinet System

At the Position of 2nd Building on Bağdat Street, Göztepe Park Region (Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi Sok. Lights).